The Abbey

of the Promised Land


A Sacred Place for People to Encounter God

The Abbey is a place of refuge for restoration and deepening spiritual awareness.  The holy atmosphere beckons the pilgrim to experience personal intimacy with our heavenly Father.  It is our vision to provide a center to host the nearness of God in the lives of believers through prayer, worship, healing and teaching.  Our mission is to equip others to advance the kingdom of God on earth thereby affecting their individual spheres of authority as a result of having experienced the presence of God in Christ at The Abbey.  We host a variety of corporate and personal retreats which provide opportunities for solitude or gathering with other Christ followers.  Our desire is to offer inviting pathways to Jesus through worship, places for surrender, experiences of holiness as well as undisturbed prayer and meditation. 

When you step on the grounds, the presence of The Holy Spirit will capture the sacred awareness of your heart.

The Abbey is an experience of personal intimacy and spiritual refreshing with God!

Our Vision


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20000 North County Line Rd,
Piedmont, OK 73078